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Wherever you are, God is!

Unity Eastside emphasizes the spiritual principles taught by Jesus Christ rather than the religion that sprang up about Jesus Christ.  We celebrate the uniqueness and unity of all people. This church uses a holistic approach in nurturing the body, mind, and spirit.

Through prayer, classes, Sunday services, in-home study groups and service opportunities, Unity Eastside teaches timeless truths for living in a constantly changing world. We encourage people to embark on an inward journey to discover their spiritual gifts, then to continue that journey outward to serve the greater community.

Unity Eastside is dedicated to transforming our world, through love, one life at a time.



Mantra music event to be held at Unity Eastside Church!

Among yoga enthusiasts, kirtan or devotional chanting is becoming increasingly popular. The chanting of mantras to music can be a spiritual practice itself, or accompaniment for hatha yoga and other practices. Lakulish Yoga Tallahassee and Unity Eastside Church want to expose this transcendental art form and practice to a wider audience, so they are teaming up to present “Mantra Music is a Thing!” featuring sacred music artists Flavia Krishna & Gershone. This special event will be held on Saturday night, December 10, from 7:30 until 10:30 p.m. at Unity Eastside Church, 8551 Buck Lake Road in Tallahassee. The suggested donation is $15.  Please click here for more details.