E-Squared Introduction

Rev. Jean gave an introduction into her new talk series, E², based on a book by Pam Grout.
Her book is about proving the invisible energy force that is always available to us, but we neglect to turn it on…most of us are not even aware it is present.
In the book, Pam shares that this invisible energy field is 100% reliable…works every time…just like math or the law of physics.
Neuroscientists tell us that 95% of our thoughts are controlled by what is programmed into our subconscious mind before the age of 5!
Get “real-time” proof of this invisible energy force by doing the experiments in the book.
• Go from “knowing” to “witnessing” it happen daily
In the next several weeks- we will develop a conscious relationship with energy — the Field of Potentiality.
We will engage in 9 experiments, each 48 hours long, and gain proof that FP is dependable, predictable and available to all.

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