The Superhero Principle- E2

The Superhero Principle

Ever wanted to be a Superhero?  You know — a being that possesses abilities far beyond what a “normal” human being, and uses those abilities for the good of humankind?  Pam Grout thinks we’re all Superheroes.  This week’s experiment is proof of the extraordinary power of our minds.  Henry Ford once said:  “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”  Prove the power of your thoughts this week – take the challenge and try the experiment for yourself!



The Dear Abby Princicple

The Final Jeopardy Answer Is…  Each of us has access to the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and within that Field are accurate answers to our most pressing questions. Call it “intuition,” angels, a “gut feeling” or the 6th sense, we have all made decisions or acquired knowledge without conscious awareness of rational thought.  Experiment #5, The Dear Abby Principle, will be to ask a specific question, then sit back and wait no more than 48 hours for the answer to make itself known.  What will your question be?

The Abracadabra Principle- E2

Garbage In, Garbage Out

If it’s true that we can have what we want, why do so many  of us not get what we say we want?  We will explore the possible reasons for this, and learn that we have to be single-minded about our intentions and totally coherent about our thoughts, feelings and actions.  In other words, as the old computer programmers used to say: “ If we put garbage in, we’re going to get garbage out.”

If we’re not getting “out” of the universe what we think we want, we need to check our premises and our input.


The Alby Einstein Principle- E2

The Alby Einstein Principle –  You’re a Joule!

More precious than gems, we are self-contained powerhouses!  According to Pam Grout, the average-size human being contains no less than 7 x 1018 joules of potential    energy.  That’s more energy than 50 million tons of TNT!  No wonder Marianne Williamson wrote in her book A Return to Love, “We are  powerful beyond measure.”  The problem is — we don’t believe it. This week’s experiment from E-Squared is proving that our thoughts produce energy.  Try it yourself.