The Loaves and Fish Principle- E2

The Fish and Loaves Principle- E2

What Jesus demonstrated in his famous miracle was that the Universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating.  However, throughout the totality of his life, he also showed us that material things cannot truly make us happy.   

Human kindness and beauty, love and joy are the intrinsic values that we all seek to make our lives worthwhile.




The 101 Dalmations Principle

Using the quantum physics concepts of “non-locality” and “entanglement,” we will explore the hypothesis that we are connected to everything and everyone in the universe.  What this means for the future of our world, is beyond belief!



The Jenny Craig Principle

If our thoughts and intentions can influence the rate at which a seed grows, imagine what we can do to ourselves?  In fact, just imagine what we ARE doing to ourselves every time we say something negative or disparaging about our bodies.  Pam Grout maintains that we can think ourselves thin.  How?  First, by not obsessing about our weight, in the first place. Second, by blessing every bit of food we eat.  Third, by putting love, joy and peace into our food.  Join us Sunday as we continue to prove that our thoughts create our reality.                            

                                                                           Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen