“We Are More Alike Than We Are Different – Loving Thy Neighbor

ife changed for Gregg and Morgan Patterson during their 500 mile trek on the Camino last summer. Morgan had spiritual intentions for this walk.  Gregg went along for the athletic challenge. Then something major  happened when Gregg                   discovered “There is really  Something Out There” on a mountain in Spain. This walk brought about major change for both of them.

   Gregg and Morgan Patterson





21st Century Church

Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore

The old, familiar church in America seems to be dying. Christian Century reported that there is an average of nine church closures every day in this country. Rev. Jean will explore several reasons why this seems to be so, and  offer some reasons to hope that Unity Eastside will thrive!




Practicing tolerance for those with whom we disagree, is difficult. The importance of doing so is in the name of freedom. Charles Fillmore said: A person is only free to the extent that he is willing to give others the same freedom that he enjoys.

The Gift of Vulnerability

We celebrated Independence Day and the pursuit of happiness, Leslee Horner talked about how our relationships play into that. What does vulnerability really mean? How do we avoid it and how can we embrace it in order to form deeper connections and bring more joy into our lives?