Karma, Grace and This Thing Called Prayer

Karma, Grace and This Thing Called Prayer

 East met West in a religion called Unity.  Many good things came from that meeting.  However, a few not-so-good things tagged along as well.  Today we will explore the concepts of karma and grace, and see how each fits or doesn’t fit with the New Thought system called Unity.  Here’s a hint:  Grace supersedes all cause and effect. So, the idea of karma doesn’t  fit with our Unity way of life.                    Rev. Jean DeBarbieris



       WHY  PRAY?

Unity’s take on prayer is radically different than most  religions. Unity prayers are positive and empowering and meant to change the one who prays.

Trailblazer Inspiring the Road to Character


 For the past several weeks, we’ve taken a close look at how to cultivate our “eulogy virtues,” rather than our “resume virtues.”  It seems a fitting end to this series that we should eulogize one of our trailblazers on the Road to Character. Today, we will pay tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer.  His  teachings touched millions of people worldwide, and reflected the teachings of Unity at its most universal.  He lived love, brought hope      and left the world a much better place.  He will be missed, but his influence will                live on in our hearts and minds.

Rev. Jean