The Heart of the Matter

The mind is a wonderful servant,  but  a horrible master.”

                                                                                Mary O’Malley 

When we talk about the heart in this context, we mean so much more than the blood-pumping mechanism in our chests or the mushy heart of our emotions. We mean the “highly complex information processing center with its own functional brain”,    commonly called the heart brain.   This heart brain is not fooled by the storyteller, and is our guide back to experiencing Life.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen


There’s No Me in I

“There’s No ‘I’ in ‘Me’” 

We all have a storyteller in our heads that loves to  offer comments on each and every moment of our lives. It often sounds like it’s on our side, trying to take care of us. The    reality, though, it that this   storyteller is a Trickster. We would do well to ‘fact check’ our own stories because these stories  we tell ourselves  are not true !  They only reinforce our most basic fear and drum the pronoun “me, me, me” into our heads 24/7. When we see the storyteller for what it is, we return to our natural state, the “I.”

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen

What’s In Your Way?

What’s in YOUR Way?

Roadblocks, traffic jams, speed bumps, detours — these are all things we can encounter anytime we get in our cars to move from Point A to Point B.  The same is true in life.  We are moving along just fine when, WHAM! — we encounter STUFF!  Lifelong friendships have been formed by people who move through the same STUFF  together. Marriages have ended because two people        didn’t encounter the same STUFF at the same time.  Mary O’Malley’s book, What’s in the Way IS the WAY is a timely reminder that we already have all we need to move through life with ease and grace.  Are you in?                                                           

  Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen