Rejoice, Rejoice!!!

At this time of preparing for Christmas, we are invited to focus on the miracle of birthing the Christ Child within us.  The awareness of the impending arrival of this brand new state of consciousness can bring us great comfort and joy.  It can also lift our thoughts and feelings above the “overwhelm” that threatens to engulf us as Christmas Day nears and our TO DO lists lengthen. We can be saved much wear and tear if we experience the joy that comes from remembering that the Christ is already present within us — we just await its fuller expression.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris


Why Celebrate Christmas?

In an increasingly multi-cultural, cynical world, why do we still celebrate Christmas?  For most Christians, the answer is simple:  This holiday is significant because it celebrates God becoming man in order to save mankind from its sin through the birth of Jesus Christ.  Since that doesn’t fit with the theology of Unity, we have to have a different reason.  This Sunday, Rev. Jean will offer some suggestions as to why this holiday is important to us.  The congregation will also be invited to share their ideas on why, we as a church, celebrate Christmas.  

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen