How to Accept the Unaccepted – August 20 service

How to Accept the Unacceptable?

The 4th Pillar of Joy is.  Most of us know a thing or two about this  spiritual practice. Lately, there’s been a lot of human energy moving in the  direction of resistance. This makes sense if we see ourselves as living in and being of the world.But as spiritual  beings, were living in, and not being OF the world.  How to accept the unacceptable:  By building on the first 3 pillars perspective, humility and humor.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen

And God said, “I agree; it is funny” – August 14, 2017 service

The root of the word humility, which we studied last week, is the same as the one for  humanity.  And, it’s the same as the one for  humor.  The Third Pillar of Joy is humor.  The root word is “humus” meaning “soil” or “earth.”  Humor that doesn’t put anyone down, that illustrates our shared ridiculousness, is an invitation to all who hear it to join the human race on a great  adventure. When we can use humor to unite us in our shared humanity, heaven and earth get a little bit closer.  Transforming our work through love, one laugh at a time!

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen


Humble Yourself! 8-16-17 service

Humble Yourself!

The second Pillar of Joy is Humility from the Dalai Lama.  The funny thing about humility is that as soon as we think we’ve got it — we don’t!  Reducing our attachment to our identity can help us grow in humility.  Also, having a learner’s attitude to life can be  helpful. Both of our spiritual teachers from The Book of Joy share their perspectives (Remember “perspective”?  It’s the first Pillar of Joy) on humility.

“Even glow sticks have to be broken before they will shine.”

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen