Blessing Big with Kindness and Making a Big Difference through Commitment

The worlds biggest problems may not  be able to be solved by any one of us, but each of us can relieve a part of the  problem for someone.  It takes a willingness to bless big through kindness and the commitment to make a difference.

How will you Live BIG this week?

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen




Claim Your Destiny- October 1, 2017 service

Claim Your Destiny!

Marianne Williamson’s famous quotation about not living small never fails to stir our hearts.  Pam Grouts book, Living Big, is the manual that takes Marianne’s famous quote and gives us the practices that invite, encourage and enable us to expand our lives.

Every page is an exhortation to live our greatness.  Every role model were ever had is proof positive that it can be done.  If one person can do it, the rest of us can, too!

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen