LIVING LOVE- 12-17-17 service

LIVING LOVE: He who has seen me has seen the Father. (John 14:9)

At Christmastime, more so than at any other time, we  are called to fulfill the law of Divine Love.  If asked what this means, we would probably be told that it means to give of ourselves unselfishly.  Today, we will learn what Charles Fillmore taught: it meant to be Living Love.  We are to unify ourselves with the Spirit of Love that is within every one of us,we are to become One with God Itself!

Jean DeBarbieris Owen


Living Faith- 12-3-17 service

LIVING FAITH: Christ in you, the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27)

We begin this Advent season, this time of preparing for the birth of the Christ Child, with a fresh look at faith.  A 105-year-old talk written by Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore, reminds us that the aim of our existence is to put on the Christ.  We might also say it  is:  bring forth our Christ nature.  This work  requires a living faith, not a dead thing like the trees we chop down and use as the centerpiece of our Christmas celebrations.  How alive is your faith? And what can be done to revive it?     Jean DeBarbieris Owen


Glory to God in the Highest 11-26-17 service

Glory to God in the Highest (Luke 2:14)

If we are to take the metaphysical meaning of Christmas seriously, we would do well to eschew all things material in the celebration of it.  What if we completely spiritualized all of Christmas?  There would no need for gift exchange; no need for holiday dinners; no need for the hustle and bustle that creates so much stress and distress in our lives.  When we come to realize how to glorify God in the highest, it will naturally follow that there will be peace on earth and good will toward men.

This Sacred Moment 11-12-17 service

This Sacred Moment

When we begin to have a larger sense of proportion and wider perspective on life as a series of impermanent, uncontrollable events, then we can begin to appreciate the truth that each moment offers us a choice- to transcend ordinary life and reach for the sacred. It’s right there- wherever we are!

CHOOSE HAPPINESS- 11-5-17 service

Sometimes is just seems like life is stacked against us, right?  Bad things happen to innocent bystanders, good people suffer personal tragedy, children get sick and die.  Humankind has long pondered why these things happen.  Issue of human suffering is especially difficult if we profess to believe in a benevolent God. In this weeks lesson, taken from Pam Grouts book, Living Big, she reminds us that happiness is a choice.  From personal anecdotes to scientific studies, this Sunday we will get a refresher course on how to choose happiness no matter what shows up in our lives!


Imagining Big The Attitude of Creativity

The 12 Power banner for Imagination that hangs in our sanctuary says:  envision good unfolding in every area of my life.  But what if imagination is even bigger and better than that?  Pam Grout sees imagination as a power that frees us. It can free us from ruts, from boredom and from a life lived too safely.  If we are created in the image and likeness of the Creator of the Universe, shouldn’t we claim our destiny as the creative, magical beings we were meant to be?  Today, we will explore some baby steps to unlocking the creative genius that lives in us all!

Jean DeBarbieris Owen


Blessing Big with Kindness and Making a Big Difference through Commitment

The worlds biggest problems may not  be able to be solved by any one of us, but each of us can relieve a part of the  problem for someone.  It takes a willingness to bless big through kindness and the commitment to make a difference.

How will you Live BIG this week?

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen




Claim Your Destiny- October 1, 2017 service

Claim Your Destiny!

Marianne Williamson’s famous quotation about not living small never fails to stir our hearts.  Pam Grouts book, Living Big, is the manual that takes Marianne’s famous quote and gives us the practices that invite, encourage and enable us to expand our lives.

Every page is an exhortation to live our greatness.  Every role model were ever had is proof positive that it can be done.  If one person can do it, the rest of us can, too!

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen


The Soul of Generosity- 9-24-17 service


The final talk in our Summer of Joy series is The Soul of Generosity.  The generous soul can best be described by the Dalai Lama as wise selfish” because it recognizes that through helping others we are helping ourselves.  Archbishop Tutu relates it to the philosophical, classical African concept denoted by the word “ubunto”. At its core, ubuntu is an ethical or humanist ideology, referring to the necessity of unity and the removal of self-serving practices in order for the human race to evolve, to exist peacefully, and especially to prosper.  (

Ultimately, our joy is found in understanding that a person is a person through other persons, and that cultivating soul generosity is the best way to bring more joy into our own lives.

Rev. Jean De Barbieris Owen