Are You Involved or Committed? 2/26/17 service

When I was thinking about this talk, I spent a lot of time walking around thinking about just what does Are You Involved in Your Life or Are You Committed mean?
What is it like to live life fully committed, not just involved? What does it mean to only be involved vs being totally committed? How deep are you willing to go to find out?
                                                                                       Carleen Pruyn


Break Out- Be Born Again – 4/9/17 service

Ever have that feeling that life is pretty much the same day after day?  The intense, fleeting sensation of this is called deja vu.  What if we really do live the same day over and over again? How can we break out of that rut? 

In John 3:1-21, the story of Nicodemus(“Nick at night”), offers us some clues  for living  a new life that  are easy to understand but difficult to implement. 

Rev. DeBarbieris Owen

“How High am I?” or Entrance Exam – 5/7/17 service

“Entrance Exam”

Just as there are entrance exams to enter into the next level of academia (there’s the SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, MCAT, GMAT and probably more), this week we are going to take our own entrance exam.  It is called the LRE and it will be an honest (but gentle) assessment of our lives to see where we are and to move us into Master’s level of thinking and being and doing!

Before we begin, let’s review the four levels of consciousness: 

* Why Me (victim),                                                                                                                               * By Me (through consciousness, I can make it happen),                                                  * Through Me (“the Father within doeth the work”) and                                                     * As Me (I am one with God)

No matter how high we are, as we grow and evolve, we are being called to a more expanded, more expansive ways of being.  All that happens to us, by us or through us is just happening so that we can move more firmly into Oneness.   

We are being called to grow into a Master’s Level of Consciousness where we no longer see separation, but see only Oneness!

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen


What Matters Most- Living Well Now and Then- 4/30/17 service

Living Well, Now and Then

Would our lives be different if we truly knew what was deeply important to us?   As Stephen Covey wrote:

“To start with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination.  It means to know where you’re going so that you better understand where you are now and so that the steps you take are always in the direction that leads to your destination.”  This Sunday, we will explore practical ways to enhance our lives NOW,    knowing that the end is inevitable, beginning and ending with OPPGGO.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen




Rising in Chaos- 4/23/17 service

Rising in Chaos:

 What was life like for the family and  followers of Jesus after He had been betrayed, crucified and resurrected?  It was anything but normal.  In fact, it was chaotic.  Take a deeper look at how chaos, too, can be a transformational process.

Rev. George & Barbara Schmidt

The Sower and the Seed- Preparing for the Resurrection – 3/5/17 service

 EASTER SEASON –  Preparing for the Resurrection

As we prepare to celebrate Easter here at Unity Eastside, we will explore Jesus and his teachings. What was it about him and his teachings that enabled him to go to the cross with such peace and non-resistance?

In Unity, we believe that we each have the same seed of  divinity within us that Jesus did. How can we develop our seed into the fullness of the Divinity that Jesus manifested?  We    begin by investigating what Jesus really meant in his first     recorded parable, “The Sower and the Seed.”  It’s the key to understanding the entire message of his life.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen


Involved or Committed – 2/26/17 service


When I was thinking about this talk , I spent a lot of time walking around thinking about just what does Are You Involved in Your Life or Are You Committed mean? What is it like to live life fully committed, not just involved? What does it mean to only be involved  vs being totally committed? How deep are you willing to go to find out?

Carleen Pruyn         


Ready, Set, Go! 2/12/17 service


The question this morning, two days before Valentine’s Day, is . .  ARE YOU READY TO BE THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER!?  Whoa!  What kind of question is that for church!?

Not the kind of lover you may be thinking! But rather a lover of humankind!  A person who can make a difference in this world through love!  A person who can find genuine happiness and contentment through love!  That’s the kind of “lover” we’re talking about today.

It’s time to re-focus our attention and energies on the reason why we’re here – we’re here to be love in expression. Why? Because being loving is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  An exhilarating feeling!

                                                                              Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.                  Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other”doesn’t  make any sense.                                                                                                                                                       mevlana jelaluddin rumi – 13th century


12 Powers in You – 1/29/17


Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity,  developed the system called the 12      Powers. He believed that recognizing these innate faculties and nurturing their growth within a person was the pathway to revealing  the Divinity within each one of us. Today, the 12 Powers is a foundational teaching of Unity.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen