Hurricane Irma Emergency Plan

September 10, 2017 all-day
Hurricane Irma Emergency Plan


Dear Friends,

After last year’s Hurricane Hermine and then the windstorm, Unity Eastside Church developed an Emergency Preparedness Plan. Through this plan, we hope to provide a way to ensure the safety of people and property in the event of any sort of emergency or natural disaster.

As part of this plan, we have created an Emergency Response Team whose job is to check on the physical property, and notify staff and the Board if any emergency repairs need to be made.

Additionally, staff and the Board will serve as contact points for the congregation to check in before, during and after the emergency or natural disaster as follows:

  • Staff and church members who evacuate their homes are encouraged to notify the Minister, Staff or a Board member prior to evacuation.
  • After the event, members are encouraged to report on their status in the following order: 1) To a member of the Board or the ERT, and 2) To Staff or the Minister.

Contact information for the Board, the ERT and staff/minister is:

Thomas Eason       544-0526
Rosemary Fodor    408-8092
Leslee Horner        322-2746
Sylvia Dawson        212-2536
Cecelia Miller         766-3153
Rev. Jean              591-4833

  • Members calling in are encouraged to report on the following: (1) Are you and your family safe? (2) Is your home safe? (3) Do you have phone, water and electric service? (4) What assistance, if any, do you need? (5) What assistance, if any, can you provide? (6) What is a cell phone number at which you can be reached?

For area emergency information, please visit:  To see what to put into your emergency kit, please visit:

Rev. Jean


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