A Prayer in the Wake of Las Vegas 1 October 2017 

As we process the events in Las Vegas,
let us stop, breathe and connect with the Spirit of God within. 
This momentary pause creates the space from which our response emanates. 

In this space, there is peace.
In this space, there is wisdom.
In this space, there is love.

Peace is needed to calm the reactionary mind and keep us from falling asleep to our higher nature.  Aware of our higher nature, we are receptive to wisdom that there are no easy solutions to the complex problems challenging our world. 

Illuminated by this knowledge, we are open and receptive to the infilling of Divine Love – the only power in the Universe capable of restoring unity and harmony within ourselves and with others.   

Standing in peace, enveloped in wisdom, and living as love, we pray for all the people directly affected by this tragedy, including those of us who are experiencing this deeply.  

We affirm that there is divine light within the darkest human night, and we consecrate ourselves to being the light of peace, wisdom and love now and always.   



Silent Unity

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