Sunday Service October 11, 2020



The first of the four core values from the initiative WMTN that we will seek to embody especially during this difficult time for our nation:

“Respect:  We will talk about our fellow citizens on the other side with respect for their intelligence and good will.  We will avoid characterizing them as deserving our disdain or pity.”

Spiritually speaking, there are no others.  If we are one, then, what we do to another, we do unto ourselves.  The practice of “putting ourselves in another’s shoes” might be as close to experiencing Oneness as many of us can get.  We’ll explore why “loving our neighbor as ourselves” is the second great commandment that Jesus gave.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris

Sunday Service-October 4

A Love That Is Out of This World

There is no such thing as a conscious unloving act.

All unloving acts arise from a state of unconsciousness, unconnected to our Source, to the truth of Who We Are.  All tension and conflict arise from our identification with Who We Are Not.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris