Lost, Party, Found January 7, 2022

The holidays are behind us once again.  That means fewer plates that I have to keep spinning around on poles.  A crazy image, to be sure, and one that may already be anachronistic to younger people!  Nevertheless, it’s appropriate for me. Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s bring a certain amount…

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Practice makes Perfect December 10, 2021

Maybe I was a weird child.  I don’t know.  Perhaps all children think deeply as they try to understand the world around them.  Surely, as children with limited experience, we all make assumptions that make sense to us at the time.  As we age, gather more information, and achieve a…

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Peace by Piece December 5, 2021

Ah, the holidays!  This wonderful time of year brings so many fond memories and a multitude of things to do!  We can get so caught up in recreating our best memories that we forget to enjoy our current activities.  The outer activities aren’t what we celebrate.  We celebrate the Christ being born anew in each of us.  There is so much more to life and Christmas when we live from our spiritual center outward.  Living from the inside out, all our doing becomes an effortless joy.  Everything that happens, good or bad, is an opportunity to find the peace within and bring it out.  Piece by piece, we stitch a seamless garment of tranquility that blankets our world.

The Endless Journey December 3, 2021

I loved living in a state whose climate included all four seasons.  Something about the changing seasons and the attendant ebb and flow of energy suits my nature perfectly. That’s why the coming of winter is always a welcome event.  Even though we don’t experience greatly fore-shortened days and frigid…

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