The Gift of Compassion June 24, 2022

Showing compassion was an integral part of the ministry of Jesus. Today, we’ll explore the meaning of compassion and how to make it a part of our everyday lives. We’ll also look at the challenges of being compassionate in a world filled with suffering and cultural divisiveness. Barbara Schmidt Music by Vicki Helovich and Ksens Zipperer

Don’t Stay In The Dark March 27, 2022

Have you ever stumbled around in the dark, looking for a light because the electricity was off? Then, you already have an intuitive understanding of why wisdom is necessary to know when to act and when not to act. In the spiritual journey to express the Transcendent Self, Wisdom begins when we become willing to let go of limiting beliefs. As we develop spiritual understanding, we know which problems in life we can change and which ones we can’t. Problems within ourselves are under our direct control. We may have some indirect control or no control for issues outside of us. Wisdom shows us which is which. Wisdom also guides us in how we might exercise indirect control. All of this requires a willingness to rise about the merely human aspect of Self and embrace the Transcendent! Join Rev. Jean on Sunday, March 27, 2022, at 10:30 AM to learn the six essential principles for effecting meaningful change in the world. Rev. Jean DeBarbieris

Mirror Images March 20, 2022

Last week, we saw that peace doesn’t have anything to do with controlling the Universe or circumventing the laws of Nature. It is entirely based on your ability to TRANSCEND Nature! Transcending your human Nature is the goal of your spiritual life! We saw that one key to transcendence is having an aim in life that is higher than mere survival. One way to move toward that aim is to unload the baggage in your life that hides in your Shadow Self. This week, we’ll look at the fear that holds you back from taking a good look at yourself and the courage that can fuel your journey to transcendence. This Sunday, 20 March 2022, at 10:30 AM, Rev. Jean will be joined by Karen Bonnell, who will share her musical gifts with us all! Rev. Jean DeBarbieris

The Importance of Why February 4, 2022

There are days when I feel like I’m a kid again playing “opposites.”  This was a game in which we tried to say and do the exact opposite of what we were actually doing or meaning.  It was silly and more challenging than we imagined it would be, but we…

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Teach Us To Pray January 23, 2022

What has been called The Great Sermon of Jesus was assembled in The Gospel of Matthew from chapters 5 through 7. In the middle of this great lesson, we find instructions for praying (Matthew 6: 9-13). It has come to be known as The Lord’s Prayer, and it is recited throughout the Christian world. In a two-part sermon beginning this Sunday, Rev. Jean will share her insights into the metaphysical meaning contained within these familiar words.
Bring paper and pen so you, too, can create prayers that are personal to you based on these instructions.
Rev. Jean DeBarbieris

Web of Life January 21, 2022

I begin with this question:  Am I more afraid of dying from the coronavirus or of living in fear for the rest of my natural life? Disclaimer: This is a strictly personal reflection. I am not casting aspersions on anyone else’s decisions vis-à-vis COVID. It’s been two years to the…

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Lost, Party, Found January 7, 2022

The holidays are behind us once again.  That means fewer plates that I have to keep spinning around on poles.  A crazy image, to be sure, and one that may already be anachronistic to younger people!  Nevertheless, it’s appropriate for me. Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s bring a certain amount…

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Practice makes Perfect December 10, 2021

Maybe I was a weird child.  I don’t know.  Perhaps all children think deeply as they try to understand the world around them.  Surely, as children with limited experience, we all make assumptions that make sense to us at the time.  As we age, gather more information, and achieve a…

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Peace by Piece December 5, 2021

Ah, the holidays!  This wonderful time of year brings so many fond memories and a multitude of things to do!  We can get so caught up in recreating our best memories that we forget to enjoy our current activities.  The outer activities aren’t what we celebrate.  We celebrate the Christ being born anew in each of us.  There is so much more to life and Christmas when we live from our spiritual center outward.  Living from the inside out, all our doing becomes an effortless joy.  Everything that happens, good or bad, is an opportunity to find the peace within and bring it out.  Piece by piece, we stitch a seamless garment of tranquility that blankets our world.

The Endless Journey December 3, 2021

I loved living in a state whose climate included all four seasons.  Something about the changing seasons and the attendant ebb and flow of energy suits my nature perfectly. That’s why the coming of winter is always a welcome event.  Even though we don’t experience greatly fore-shortened days and frigid…

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