My Spiritual Journey

my spiritual journey with rev. jean

‘Seeing the sacred in everyday life!’

Follow Rev. Jean as she embarks on a tale to share her vast and enlightening spiritual journey! Rev. Jean also runs our Sunday services, along with our early morning and midweek meditation. To stay up to date with all things Unity Eastside, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here!

The Importance of Why February 4, 2022

There are days when I feel like I’m a kid again playing “opposites.”  This was a game in which we tried to say and do the exact opposite of what we were actually doing or meaning.  It was silly and more challenging than we imagined it would be, but we…

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Web of Life January 21, 2022

I begin with this question:  Am I more afraid of dying from the coronavirus or of living in fear for the rest of my natural life? Disclaimer: This is a strictly personal reflection. I am not casting aspersions on anyone else’s decisions vis-à-vis COVID. It’s been two years to the…

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Lost, Party, Found January 7, 2022

The holidays are behind us once again.  That means fewer plates that I have to keep spinning around on poles.  A crazy image, to be sure, and one that may already be anachronistic to younger people!  Nevertheless, it’s appropriate for me. Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s bring a certain amount…

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Practice makes Perfect December 10, 2021

Maybe I was a weird child.  I don’t know.  Perhaps all children think deeply as they try to understand the world around them.  Surely, as children with limited experience, we all make assumptions that make sense to us at the time.  As we age, gather more information, and achieve a…

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The Endless Journey December 3, 2021

I loved living in a state whose climate included all four seasons.  Something about the changing seasons and the attendant ebb and flow of energy suits my nature perfectly. That’s why the coming of winter is always a welcome event.  Even though we don’t experience greatly fore-shortened days and frigid…

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The Power to Choose November 26, 2021

I wasn’t going to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner this year.  For only the four of us, it just seemed like too much work.  I already struggle to prepare dinners even though I only do it four days each week.  It’s a complicated task to work around the vast array…

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The Ties that Bind November 12, 2021

As the holidays approach, it seems natural that family comes to the forefront of our minds.  I lived far away from my family for most of my young adult life.  I now live close enough to see much of my extended family every few years.  When I do, it’s as…

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Waking Up to Choice October 29, 2021

A cat is not a dog.  How do I know this?  Simple observation of the animals with whom we share our home.  It’s been said that dogs have owners, but cats have servants.  Our experience bears this out.  While these animals exhibit some of the same behaviors, they do so…

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Love Came Through the Window October 22, 2021

It came through the bedroom window on a clear, crisp moonlit night.  “It” was a palpable energy that seemed to emanate from the moon itself.  My sad and sluggish self/spirit was suddenly infused with an overwhelming sense of what I could only call “love.” I have never forgotten that feeling…

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From Communion to Compassion October 15, 2021

Up until I was in my early 40’s, I was a practicing Catholic.  I was raised in a Catholic family, in a Catholic city, in a Catholic part of a state.  I was what is called a “cradle Catholic,” meaning I was born into that faith.  I stopped attending Mass…

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