My Spiritual Journey

my spiritual journey with rev. jean

‘Seeing the sacred in everyday life!’

Follow Rev. Jean as she embarks on a tale to share her vast and enlightening spiritual journey! Rev. Jean also runs our Sunday services, along with our early morning and midweek meditation. To stay up to date with all things Unity Eastside, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here!

A Clarion Call October 8, 2021

With our round-the-clock news media, both professional and social, it would be hard for most people to be unaware of the tragic story of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie.  What’s more challenging is for most of us to be aware of the more serious tragedy of domestic or intimate violence…

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Making Space October 1, 2021

I have too much stuff.  I won’t go so far as to say that I’m a hoarder, but other people have said that.  The trouble began when I bought my first home.  It was a darling little house with a curious history.  Built in 1894 on the Rathdrum Prairie, it…

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Time for God September 17, 2021

There are times when life’s events race by at such speed that all that remains is a sensation of relief at having survived the madness. At other times, minutes stretch into days, and each hour morphs into an eternity of bright delight or dark anguish.  During the past month, I…

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Weeding Out the Unwanted August 27,2021

I live in a subdivision that has 3-acre lots.  Some lots are heavily wooded, and others have been logged and large lawns planted.  Our lot is one of the heavily wooded ones.  We like it because of the privacy it affords. We don’t like the tendency for trees to lose…

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What’s It Worth to You? August 20, 2021

Changed my mind about my route to work today and turned into a subdivision to make a U-turn.  Like many subdivisions in Tallahassee, this one doesn’t have curbs or sidewalks.  The lawns run right out to the edge of the paved surface. The corner lot where I turned was distinctive…

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Speedbumps on the Road of Life August 6, 2021

Technology, for good or bad, is here to stay.  Like most people, I like technology when it works and makes life easier for me.  When it doesn’t work, I agree with the idea behind why Microsoft named its operating system Windows – you want to throw your computer out of…

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The Brownie Caper July 30, 2021

We are blessed to have a baker in the family.  Our daughter loves to make “sinfully” delicious and highly caloric sweet treats. Before COVID, she was accustomed to baking on a Saturday night so she could take these treats to the church on Sunday for fellowship. Of course, we laid in…

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Cluttered or Clear? July 23, 2021

Once upon a time, I had that house.  When I left for work in the morning, I’d arrange the pastel-colored pillows on my pale blue, seven-piece, modular sofa just so.  They were still “just so” when I arrived back home.  I would take a deep breath and exhale into the…

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My Cardinal Lesson July 16, 2021

He’s still here. The cardinal that I first wrote about in the blog entitled “Bird Brained” on 28 May 2021 is still here.  We have all grown weary of his attacks on the windows in our sanctuary. Our reasons are varied.  For some, his pecking distracts us while we’re meditating. …

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