My Spiritual Journey

my spiritual journey with rev. jean

‘Seeing the sacred in everyday life!’

Follow Rev. Jean as she embarks on a tale to share her vast and enlightening spiritual journey! Rev. Jean also runs our Sunday services, along with our early morning and midweek meditation. To stay up to date with all things Unity Eastside, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here!

Your Heart’s Desire Will Lead You Home- April 9, 2021

The following is a true story, and while you may not like that it’s about an incident that happened during a hunting excursion, the hunter involved always believed that it was a clear experience of having been guided by Spirit.  After you read this, ask yourself:  What “home” is my…

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Soar into New Life- April 2, 2021

Resurrection stories come in many forms.  Many years ago, my family had its own resurrection story, courtesy of a flight of barn swallows. Every spring, we hosted a nest of these little creatures in our garage, and while we know that not everyone relishes the idea, we actually looked forward…

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Resolving Ambiguity- March 26, 2021

My daughter had an algebra problem earlier this year.  I am by no means an algebra whiz, but being the best algebra brain in the house, it falls to me to help her.  We were trying to solve this equation:  60 ÷ 5(7-5) =? Again, let me repeat:  I am…

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Know Thyself- March 12, 2021

That famous inscription was reportedly found in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in ancient Greece.  Later, it was adopted by Socrates as his guiding principle.  It has informed my life and my choices for more than 40 years.  It urges me forward toward greater self-acceptance and,…

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Daily Life IS My Spiritual Practice – March 5, 2021

How’s the weather?  On any given day, in any given weather condition, I’ll bet you can get lots of different answers to that question.  Because, believe it or not, different people actually prefer different kinds of weather.  For instance, some people actually like snow and some people really do like…

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Of Ants and Aims – February 26, 2021

As a child, I was fascinated with my own mind – a sign of what I would later come to realize was the budding introvert that I would become.  One example of my fascination was how I observed myself with the red ants, who were my childhood nemesis.  After stumbling…

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Common Things – February 17, 2021

To look at us, we were different in more ways than we were alike.  I was a small, skinny white woman of a certain age, devoid of makeup, hair slicked back in a thin ponytail.  She was a voluptuous black woman, decades younger than me, wearing long, lovely eyelashes, hair…

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