God’s Amazing Grace May 2, 2021

“Amazing Grace” is a popular hymn that many people sing in churches worldwide. It begins with the famous opening line “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.” During everyday life, do we fully receive God’s grace that we so passionately sing about?

Grace is a free gift given to all. Despite our error thinking, God’s grace and favor is available. Why is it important to receive God’s grace and view it as the amazing gift it is? It is important because it allows us to live and walk in a state of continual humility and repentance. God’s grace provides us hope that there is forgiveness and redemption for our error thinking, and that each day is another opportunity to extend that same grace to others.

Grace is not given to a select few, but to all. Whatever season or situation you may currently be facing, God’s grace is available to you.

Dr. Patty Ball Thomas, L.U.T.

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