THE HERO’S JOURNEY: You are the Hero in Your Own Spiritual Evolution – February 7, 2021

February 7, 2021

THE HERO’S JOURNEY:  You Are the Hero in Your Own Spiritual Evolution!

Humans tell stories.  Some humans tell stories better than other humans, but all humans, even the very early ones, told stories.  Ever wonder why this is so?  Whether told for the purpose of teaching or entertainment or explaining some phenomenon, stories are told so that we might better understand ourselves, one another and our place in the Universe.

In 1956, Joseph Campbell wrote his famous work of comparative mythology, The Hero with a Thousand FacesThe book combined Jungian theory and Campbell’s own study of world mythologies, to arrive at a theory called the monomyth.  Campbell believed that this is the ultimate narrative archetype, a story upon which all narratives are based. He called it, “The Hero’s Journey.”

We’re all familiar with this archetype from modern works; such as, Star Wars, The Trilogy of the Rings, The Matrix.  But, did you know that the lives of revered spiritual masters have also followed this narrative?  From Buddha and Arjuna to the Prophet Mohammed to Jesus, the lives each of these men followed the trajectory of “The Hero’s Journey.”

This Easter Season, we will re-visit the life of our Master Teacher, Jesus, to learn from his adventures on the Journey. And, more importantly, we will look carefully at our own Journey because it also follows the Hero Archetype.  Are you ready to see your life as a journey to reveal the hero you already are?  Join us from February 7 to April 11 to explore and apply this truth to your life.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris

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