THE HERO’S JOURNEY – Hitting Rock Bottom – Palm Sunday- March 28, 2021

Hitting Rock Bottom – Hero’s Journey
We are one week away from Easter Sunday. A lot can happen in a week. Just last week, we saw our hero, Jesus, depart from Jerusalem after it became known that the authorities wanted to arrest him. We are told that he spent a week in Ephraim, coming to terms with what he had set into motion. We called this time apart, “The Innermost Cave,” where he faced what is called the Dragon on the Hero’s Journey.
This week, we will look closely at that confrontation between Jesus and his Dragon, and we will look at how we, too, are being called to confront our own personal Dragon this Easter season. Through the example of Jesus, we will learn valuable lessons in how to approach this time of trial, called The Ordeal, and see if we are willing to follow our Wayshower into death so that we, too, may be born anew.
In Joseph Campbell’s book, Hero with a Thousand Faces, this is the stage of the journey called The Ordeal. There are many ways to describe this stage. Here are a few: It is a trial, a fire walk, our opportunity to choose between the transient things of this world and the lasting things of “heaven.” It is our individual call to let go of the personal ego, with all of its mind-made facts and truths, and to grab hold of the Divine Nature that is the Essence of each of us.
Rev. Jean DeBarbieris
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