July 26 Service

Untangling the Knots

We’re all tied up in knots of sense consciousness from mini-me to your judgments of me.  If we could relate to one another from a sense of BEING instead of from a sense of ourselves as HUMAN, we would know true compassion.  In order to arrive at true compassion, all the knots needs to be untangled until, at long last, we come to know that we are ONE.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris Owen

July 19 Sunday Service

I’m Here for You

We’re all so self-absorbed, each thinking that others should be doing more for US. It is a hallmark of the spiritual path that ultimately, we must come to realize we’re all here for each other.

We are “enlightened” only to the degree that we have reached a place of acceptance, compassion and understanding where we realize that we have an obligation to be willing to make the effort to lift others up to the inner place where they, too, know that they are “God in expression.”

July 12 Sunday Service

Blessed Are the Troublemakers

…for there are here for us! The speedbump of life aren’t there to just slow us down and impede our progress. They are there as challenges for us to overcome. Rather than resist them, we’re called to embrace them. Up close and personal, we discover that each challenge is an opportunity to re-commit to the spiritual awakening we seek.

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris