Sunday Service 11-8-20


Oneness, not Sameness: Using Differences to Know Unity

In Unity, we have a saying:  “It comes up to be healed.”  The on-going divisiveness in our nation, brought to a head by the as-yet-undecided election, is a good place to apply that saying.  What healing might take place if we allowed the apparent “illness of division” to push us into the awakened state in which there is no division, only Unity?

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris and Rev. Bill Williams

Sunday Service- November 1


The fourth of the four core values from the initiative WMTN that we will seek to embody:

“Responsible Citizenship:  We will emphasize that it’s up to all of us, we-the-people, to depolarize our politics and meet our common challenges.”

It’s time for each of us to be the bigger person. Do it for one another:  “As I have loved you….”

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris