The Gift of the Mountain August 8, 2021

The Gift of the Mountain

Turtle had never seen the top of a mountain until he lay upside down for a long time.  He would never have thought about climbing it if he’d seen what a long way up it was to the top.  That’s true for us as well.  We sometimes envision a goal that is so far away we end us discouraged before we even start.  The gift of the mountain is the lesson of goals.  Whatever we choose to achieve, five guidelines will make the journey easier and more enjoyable.   Join Rev. Jean as she explains how to use these guidelines to reach your spiritual goals.

“Goals are not meant to be a plumb line to determine the shortest distance to success, but rather a compass to give a sense of direction.”  Caroline Franklin

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Speedbumps on the Road of Life August 6, 2021

Technology, for good or bad, is here to stay.  Like most people, I like technology when it works and makes life easier for me.  When it doesn’t work, I agree with the idea behind why Microsoft named its operating system Windows – you want to throw your computer out of…

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The Gift of the Butterfly is NOW! August 1, 2021

The Gift of the Butterfly is NOW!
In Week 4 of our summer series based on Lessons of the Turtle, Living Right Side Up by Steve Goodier, we meet a delightful newcomer. Butterfly lands on Turtle’s nose as he lays upside down on his back. Butterfly doesn’t stay long because her time on earth is short. As we’ve come to expect, Owl explains why this is so. Owl introduces Turtle to the gift of living in the NOW that Butterfly brings. Because her life on earth is so short, time means nothing to Butterfly. Imagine how it would be if you could be free of the tyranny of time! Rev. Jean shares a few ideas about becoming free of time this Sunday at 10:30 AM. Join her in person or on Facebook. There’s no time like the Present!
Rev. Jean DeBarbieris

The Brownie Caper July 30, 2021

We are blessed to have a baker in the family.  Our daughter loves to make “sinfully” delicious and highly caloric sweet treats. Before COVID, she was accustomed to baking on a Saturday night so she could take these treats to the church on Sunday for fellowship. Of course, we laid in…

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