THE HERO’S JOURNEY- Friends for the Road March 7, 2021

THE HERO’S JOURNEY –Friends for the Road
Buoyed by his success on the mountaintop with the devil, Jesus decides to go home to Nazareth. There, he drops into his local temple, picks up a scroll and reads from the book of Isaiah. The passage he reads is messianic. Afterwards, he declares that the Scripture has been fulfilled. The meaning is obvious: He is the Messiah! Jesus begins to preach to in the synagogue. This riles up the people, and he decides to leave town once again. It’s clear that this is the point of no return for our hero, Jesus. He has set his course, and now sets out in earnest on the arduous part of the Hero’s Journey. Along the way, he picks up a few things he will need for the journey. He handpicks some friends, beginning with: Faith, Strength, Wisdom and Love. He eventually ends up with a full complement of friends that support him on his journey to becoming the Christ. In Unity, we call these friends, our Twelve Powers. Although much will happen with these friends along the way, we know that Jesus will ultimately triumph. As we look at our own lives, what was the point of no return for us on our Hero’s Journey? Who was with us at the beginning? Who is still with us? What role do our friends play in our journey? We will explore this, and more, this Sunday, March 7, 2021. -Rev. Jean DeBarbieris
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