THE HERO’S JOURNEY: The Long and Winding Road February 28, 2021

THE HERO’S JOURNEY: The Long and Winding Road

We pick up the story of our intrepid heroes just as they – (and we) – have answered the Call to Adventure. Now the fun begins! And by “fun,” I mean the trials and tribulations that usually accompany any decision to leave behind the familiar world of ordinary life and venture forth into the land of opportunity where we earn our stripes as heroes. For Moses, this entailed forty years of wandering in the desert. Oi-vey! For Jesus, it was forty days in the wilderness being tempted by the devil. Get thee behind me, Satan! The days of our travail might be quite different, but if we look closely, we will be able to discern the pattern of the monomyth, The Hero’s Journey.

Jean DeBarbieris Owen

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