The Hero’s Journey- We Have a Choice! – April 4, 2021

We Have a Choice!

Today, we come to celebrate Easter Sunday – the commemoration of the day that Jesus demonstrated how we must die to the old life in order to be born into the new one. This is the culmination of the Hero’s Journey that we have been on since the beginning of February.  Joseph Campbell spoke of this idea as “resurrection” in the Hero’s Journey:  “The hero’s death and resurrection is a model for the casting off of the old life and moving into the new.”  In following Jesus on the penultimate path of transformation, we take along the final four of the Twelve Powers:  Order, Zeal, Renunciation and Life.  As always, we have a choice:  To live as we are or to die in order to be re-born as something greater!

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris

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