This Too, Shall Pass – November 15, 2020

This Too, Shall Pass

We’re all feeling it – the edginess or uneasiness from the unsettled election. Many of us thought that once Biden was elected, the country would calm down. With the outcome still officially in doubt, this low-level anxiety is slowly being ratcheted up – and we don’t like it. We want it to go away! Yet we’re powerless to do anything, but wait. However, this too, shall pass!

Since that’s the current situation, why not see this uneasiness as a wake-up call? We’re being roused out of our complacency and invited to engage with life in a different way. We could use this energy of extreme discomfort to make peace with the uncertainty of life AND to come home to ourselves as told in the story of the Prodigal Son. Woo-hoo! It’s going to be quite a ride! Buckle up!

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris

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