To Mask or Not to Mask? Sunday May 23, 2021

To Mask Or Not to Mask

If you’ve been paying attention, the CDC has removed the mask mandate. We can now choose to go about without a mask! This sudden policy change has caused some consternation, which Rachel Maddow expressed so delightfully. She said that she’s going to have to re-wire her brain. She’s gotten so used to thinking of unmasked people as a threat that now she will have to train herself to not react with alarm. But guess what?

For us humans, wearing a mask is not optional. We’re all wearing a mask. Psychologically, wearing a mask is one of the laws of human behavior. Spiritually, becoming aware of this mask is the way to peace. It’s a matter of choosing to witness this developmental fixture rather than claim it as Who We Really Are. After a year of hiding, are you ready to come out from behind your mask?

Rev. Jean DeBarbieris

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